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My name is Jillian. I am a Christian, I am many other things, but they are all defined by the first.

I began crafting just after I got married, at the age of 20. I attempted to do scrapbooking, but my need for the whole book to be consistent and planned out before I started put an end to that all too quickly. I have from a very young age taken forever to pick out a card at the store, I remember my mom taking me and letting me know she would be somewhere in the store and to come find her when I found just the right one. I think it took so long because I didn’t want it to be contrived, I wanted it to be from my heart and that took time to find just the right one. When we got married, we did it fast and the easiest way to get invites out fast was to make them ourselves.

Luckily my husband worked at a book printing company at the time and that made it a lot easier. It took that afternoon of planning to figure out I could make a card that said exactly what I wanted and looked how I wanted it to. And whats more, really reflect the person I was giving it to. I was hooked.

I have now been making cards for 7 years, I will often have someone ask me if they get a handmade card for their birthday, checking just in case I forget, reminding me that they really want one. I think people like to know that someone invested some time into them, even if it is simple.

So I am now 27, married to an amazing husband (brilliant too), no kids yet, we will see. We have just relocated to Toronto Ontario from Edmonton Alberta. Quite a change, most certainly the fact that I went from a crafting room, to a office in the middle of my living room. But that is why I created the blog, so that I would make time to make cards, and stay in touch with the ones I love who are so far away.

I am always open to new people, questions and fun, so feel free to send me a note.

Thanks for Reading!



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